A Princess of Mars in Morse Code

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This is my first attempt at converting a book in text over to Morse code.  My reasoning for doing so was to help me to get my code recognition up to aound 25 WPM.   I did this by dividing Edgar Rice Burrough's "A Princess of Mars" into individual chapters, and each chapter into parts that would run for about 15 - 20 minutes, when played at the selected speed.  I then batch-ran all of the parts through the "tomorse" Morse code converter program, which saves the audio out as a .WAV file, then ran the .WAV files through the "lame" MP3 encoder program, and zipped the resulting .MP3 files into the zip files you see here.

In addition to the individual chapters, I have also made an ISO image, which can be downloaded, unzipped, then burned onto a CD-R disc.

Please, send me feedback on them, so I can make the next book in Morse code better.  I realize there may be some audio "artifacts" in some of these .MP3 files.  These were the result of the compression techniques used, and are minimal.   Please read the "README.TXT" and "LICENSE.TXT" files before downloading the audio files.


ISO Image 251.7 MB (All chapters and text files)

25/12 WPM 25/15 WPM 25/18 WPM 25/21 WPM 25/25 WPM

Foreword 5.3 MB Chapter 6 6.4 MB Chapter 12 7.5 MB Chapter 18 5.2 MB Chapter 24 9.0 MB
Chapter 1 10.5 MB Chapter 7 8.0 MB Chapter 13 8.8 MB Chapter 19 6.1 MB Chapter 25 6.1 MB
Chapter 2 6.7 MB Chapter 8 8.1 MB Chapter 14 12.1 MB Chapter 20 11.4 MB Chapter 26 7.7 MB
Chapter 3 10.6 MB Chapter 9 5.5 MB Chapter 15 12.0 MB Chapter 21 12.6 MB Chapter 27 6.3 MB
Chapter 4 8.9 MB Chapter 10 13.8 MB Chapter 16 14.3 MB Chapter 22 12.2 MB Chapter 28 2.2 MB
Chapter 5 6.3 MB Chapter 11 9.5 MB Chapter 17 11.3 MB Chapter 23 7.7 MB

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